The trip to Maryvale could not have been any better, we were greeted by Laura Rosales and she gave us a tour of the campus. On the campus, there was a gym, church, cafeteria, and housing for the children. The facilities were amazing, and we were elated to donate the boxes. She showed us artwork and explained how the children got there. Some of the stories, about how the children were brought there were heartbreaking. Hearing their stories made us realize exactly why we are a part of Bear Boxes; any help is help. To know that sending these materials would make even the slightest impact in their lives was gratifying. The Maryvale community, staff and volunteers help the kids greatly we just wanted to do our part in the community. It was nice to truly understand how much we were helping out these kids and simply imagine how difficult life has been for them. It was an honor to help out and support their cause.